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We understand how difficult the end of life process can be for you, your family and your pet. We do everything we can to ensure that the process creates as little stress as possible on you and allows your pet to remain in the comfort of their home.


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If you know this difficult decision is approaching, give Angel Veterinary Services a call now so that you can prepare for the process. We will answer your questions about home euthanasia and discuss cremation and end of life service choices. By learning more about your pet’s condition and illness, we can also help you decide whether it is truly time to say good bye.

When Is It Time?

When we accept a pet into our lives, we know that one day we will have to decide when the time is right to relieve them from pain or illness. If your pet has been diagnosed with an incurable illness that takes away the quality of life, or if your pet’s day is full of senior moments where they are confused or sad, then it may be time to end their suffering with in home euthanasia. You may see that your pet has more bad days than good days, or you may be seeing the following changes:.


Your Pet has lost interest in food


Your Pet is no longer able to go to the bathroom without accidents or falling down


Your Pet is no longer greeting you when you come home


Your Pet is no longer patrolling the yard or protecting their territory the way they once did


Your Cat has stopped grooming themselves


Your Dog no longer wags it’s tail

At Home Pet Euthanasia

Our Service and Pricing

Angel Veterinary Services provides at-home euthanasia services for pet owners located in the greater Phoenix Metro. Our veterinarians understand how emotionally overwhelming it is to say goodbye to your family member and we will help your pet in the most gentle and dignified way, without the stress and anxiety of the clinic environment.

Angel Vet was Established in 2010 and we have been serving the community ever since. All of our veterinarians are pet lovers, owners and know that our pets become part of our families. They mean the world to us. Even though we understand that their lives are shorter than ours, it is still so devastating when we must say goodbye. 

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I truly believe that we must be strong enough to set them free if they are facing an illness from which they cannot recover or if they are hurting and painful and not improving with treatment. They give us so much and ask for nothing in return. I started Angelvet because I know that being at home when we say goodbye is so much better for them and for us as well. I wouldn't want it any other way for my own pets, and I feel blessed to be able to offer this service to other families when they must part with their precious companions. "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" --Anatole


Dr. Veena Alexis, DVM


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