At Home
Cat Euthanasia

We understand that cats, more than dogs, fear the vet clinic and also fear the car ride to the vet clinic. Home euthanasia eliminates this undue stress for you and your cat. Upon arrival, we will allow your cat to get used to us. We will take a moment and review the consent form with you and clarify your wishes for aftercare.


We are still able to help

We will take the following precautions:

We cannot provide service if anyone in the home has a cough, fever, or has traveled within the previous 10 days.

Upon arrival, our doctor and veterinary assistant will wear masks. We will need all family members to also wear masks.

We thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.


At Home Cat Euthanasia Process

We never want your cat to feel like they are at a doctor’s visit, so a full examination will not be performed. We will discuss their symptoms with you and reassure that the timing is right before we proceed. You can let us know where you would like to sit and hold your cat, or whether you would prefer them to be on a bed or blanket.

The initial medicine will provide sedation within 1-2 minutes. This medicine is given as an intramuscular injection. A small percentage of cats will meow or hiss when they receive the initial medicine. Over the next 30 seconds or so they will feel completely pain free and tranquil. Cats will not close their eyes even though this medicine sedates them fully so they have no awareness of the final medicine . We will give the final medicine once your cat is peacefully sedated, and once you are ready. The final medicine is given intravenously and takes less then 1 minute. Your cat will feel no pain when the final medicine is given.


When scheduling an appointment you can elect to pay online during the booking or pay later at the time of service. It’s your choice.

We accept cash, debit, credit, and Care Credit.  Care Credit is a credit service that allows you to make payments over time for pet services.

At Home Cat Euthanasia 1
At Home Cat Euthanasia 2


Home Euthanasia with Group Cremation


  • At Home Visit with Veterinarian and Technician
  • Initial shot for pain relief and sedation
  • Time for family to comfort and be close to your pet
  • Intravenous euthanasia medicine which puts your pet to sleep in the most humane and peaceful way possible
  • A clay paw print with your pet’s name
  • After your pet has passed, we will transport your pet immediately
  • They will be cremated at All Pets Great and Small Cremation Service in Mesa
Clay Paw Print after Euthanasia

Home Euthanasia with Individual Cremation


This service Includes all standard services plus individual cremation. With individual cremation your pet is cremated by themselves and your pet’s ashes are returned to your home in an urn provided by Angel Veterinary Services.

Our courier service will contact you when your pet’s ashes are ready to arrange date and time of delivery. Please allow 10-14 days. Your pet’s ashes will be returned in a cedar wood urn with a gold name plate.

Pet Cremation Ashes Box
Please note that we do offer a “no cremation” service offering. If you plan to or want to handle your own after care for your pet please call (602) 819-0655 before booking to discuss your options.


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