Pet Euthanasia

Services and Fees

Service Pricing

We will help you with the payment at the time of scheduling. Your payment will serve as confirmation of your appointment. 

We accept credit, debit, and Care Credit.  Care Credit is a credit service that allows you to make payments over time for pet services.

Please note that we do not accept cash payments

Services and Fees 1
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Home Euthanasia with Group Cremation


no ashes returned

  • At Home Visit with Veterinarian and Technician
  • Initial shot for pain relief and sedation
  • Time for family to comfort and be close to your pet
  • Intravenous euthanasia medicine which puts your pet to sleep in the most humane and peaceful way possible
  • A clay paw print with your pet’s name
  • After your pet has passed, we will transport your pet immediately
  • They will be cremated at All Pets Great and Small Cremation Service in Mesa
Clay Paw Print after Euthanasia

Home Euthanasia with Individual Cremation


ashes returned

This service includes all standard services plus individual cremation. With individual cremation, your pet is cremated by themselves and your pet’s ashes are returned to your home in an urn provided by Angel Veterinary Services.

Our courier service will contact you when your pet’s ashes are ready to arrange the date and time of delivery. Please allow 2-3 weeks. Your pet’s ashes will be returned in a cedar wood urn with a gold nameplate.

Please note that we do offer a “no cremation” service offering. If you plan to or want to handle your own after care for your pet please call (602) 819-0655 before booking to discuss your options.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you need to cancel your appointment, the payment is fully refundable up to 3 hours before your scheduled appointment time. If the cancellation is made less than 3 hours before the scheduled appointment time, there will be a late cancellation fee of $350 applied.

If we arrive and you choose not to proceed with the euthanasia, the late cancellation fee of $350 will apply.

Reasons for At Home Pet Euthanasia

By choosing in home euthanasia, you allow yourself and your pet solace and solitude in your last moments together. Home euthanasia eliminates fear for your pet, provides a gentle ambiance for you and your family, and allows your other pets to also say goodbye.

Avoid a stressful and painful car ride
You won’t have to load your pet into the car for a car trip that would be stressful and painful. At end of life, even pets who once enjoyed a car ride may no longer feel comfortable in the car. Cats generally always fear getting in the car, and at the end of life this fear can be amplified.
No entering the vet hospital and saying goodbye in a clinical environment
You won’t have to interact with other people and other pets at the vet hospital, which would further add to your pet’s stress and discomfort, not to mention having to explain to others that you’re there to say goodbye. You won’t have to spend your final moments with your pet in a hospital exam room
Your pet will feel safe
Not only is your pet at home, but they can be on their bed or blanket or in your arms. They are surrounded by everyone they love and by the comfort of their own home
The service can be provided indoors or outdoors
Some families choose to have their pet outdoors if there’s a place in the yard where they love to lay. All family members including other pets can be present.
You and your pet will have peace and tranquility
Because you are home, you can create an environment that is calming. Some families choose to have the television on because this was always something their pet found comforting. Some families play music, read a poem, or say a prayer for their pet before the final medicine is given
Your other pets can be present
By allowing your other pets to be close to you throughout the service you can comfort each other. Their instinct is to love and nurture us, especially when our heart is breaking. They will not be frightened and will understand what is taking place.
A gentle, loving and dignified transition
In home euthanasia is the most gentle, loving, and dignified way to send your pet along on their journey. In an ideal world, we all would just want our pets to pass peacefully in their sleep. However, this is rarely the case and we, as their guardians, must make the decision to euthanize to avoid ongoing pain and suffering. By choosing in home euthanasia, we are creating a transition for them that is gentle, loving and dignified.

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